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Widner-Magers Farm Historic District

Constructed over a period of years, spanning from 1912 to 1939, the Widner-Magers Farm Historic District is an example of a collection of Plain/Traditional buildings. The main house, though altered and reconfigured throughout the years, continues to serve as it did when originally built--as a residence for the manager/owner of the farm. In addition to the house, a nice collection of six contributing ancillary structures and building, and two non-contributing buildings, comprise the historic district. The property evolved during the period directly prior to and after the Great Depression, as both labor and land resources became available. Dell entrepreneurs took advantage of the opportunities presented by the coming of the Jonesboro, Lake City and Eastern Railroad, and then the subsequent coming of the logging companies, buying cleared land that would, in later years, be plowed and cultivated into profitable cotton farms. As such, the Widner-Magers Farm Historic District is also associated with cotton farming in Dell and Mississippi County, Arkansas. Set against a backdrop of cotton fields and the Pemiscot Bayou, the Widner-Magers Farm Historic District has been a center of agricultural activity since the late 1890s. The property has remained in the ownership of the Magers family for over 75 years. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.