Whiskey Chute

A small stream off Lake Chicot divides Stuart’s Island from what is known locally as Sunnyside Plantation.  Local legend tells of outlaws riding, raiding, and terrorizing the Delta Country in the early 1800s.  A local hideout was believed to be on Stuart’s Island.  At one point a steamboat laden with whiskey was captured and towed to the hideout.  During the gang’s drunken celebration, a group of local citizens organized and attacked the gang.  The steamboat and the whiskey sank to the bottom of the narrow channel that is now known as “Whisky Chute.”  No evidence of the hideout, steamboat, or whiskey has ever been found. 

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Off Lakeshore Drive. Take first right after Ark. 257 onto Causeway (Dam Road) crossing over Lake Chicot. Whiskey Chute is on the left immediately after Stuart Island Road. Historical marker notes site., Lake Village, Arkansas
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