St. Francis National Forest

The 20,946-acre area consists of upland hardwood forests on the hilly Crowley's Ridge section, with approximately 2,500 acres of bottomland timber adjacent to the St. Francis and Mississippi rivers. There are two lakes, Bear Creek and Storm Creek, open to fishing and other water-related recreation. Both lakes have been stocked with bass, bream, crappie, and catfish, and Storm Creek Lake has hybrid striped bass. Deer, turkey and squirrel hunting are the favored hunting opportunities. Raccoons and other furbearers, cottontails and swamp rabbits, ducks, geese, mourning doves, bobwhite, woodcock, coyote and snipe are hunted and/or trapped, subject to seasonal fluctuation. Alligators have been stocked in the Beaver Pond on the east side (lower road), and eagle have been sighted around Bear Creek and along the Mississippi River. There are hiking trails and campsites, as well as opportunities for history buffs, including two cemeteries with some stones dating to the early 1800s. Mississippi River State Park is within the St. Francis National Forest.

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