Scull Cemetery

Scull Cemetery, bearing the name of an early well-known Arkansas Post family, is the oldest cemetery in Arkansas.  Though most of the graves have lost their markers, the Missouri Historic Society and Arkansas County courthouse records confirm that Pierre Laclede, founder of St. Louis, Missouri was buried here in 1778 after his death about six miles from Arkansas Post during a return trip to St. Louis from New Orleans. 

Other early burials include U. S. Congressman Henry W. Conway (March 18, 1793-Nov. 9, 1827), who fought a duel with Robert Crittenden, Secretary of the Arkansas Territory, and died of his wounds 11 days later.  He was brother of Arkansas Governor James S. Conway and Governor Elias N. Conway, and first cousin to Senator Ambrose H. Sevier and Governor Henry M. Rector.  More recent burials at Scull Cemetery include Gilbert Georgie Collier (Dec. 30. 1930-June 22, 1953), Korean War Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.

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Arkansas Post, Gillett, Arkansas
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