Parkin Archeological State Park

The Parkin Indian Mound Site, which covers 17 acres, was the largest fortified ceremonial mound and population center in the St. Francis River Basin during the Late Mississippian and early protohistoric period (1350-1650). Based upon reconstructions of the Hernando DeSoto expedition route and the finding of historic 16th century Spanish artifacts in the area, it is believed to be the Province of Casqui visited by the expedition in the spring of 1541. A National Historic Landmark, the site today is a state park with a major visitor center.. Vistors can also tour the circa 1910 Northern Ohio School, a wood framed one-room schoolhouse for children in the Sawdust Hill community adjacent to the archeological site. Extensive gift shop available. An official Interpretive Center for the Great River Road National Scenic Byway.

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Junction of U. S. 64 and Arkansas 184 North, Parkin, Arkansas