Lake Village Cemetery

Daniel Harris Reynolds (Dec. 14, 1832–March 14, 1902) is buried here.  Reynolds was a lawyer, Confederate general, and state senator who ranks as one of Arkansas's most talented and dedicated citizen-soldiers during the Civil War. Admitted to the bar in 1858, he established a legal practice in Lake Village.   At the outset of the Civil War, Reynolds raised a cavalry company, the "Chicot Rangers," and entered Confederate service as a captain in command of Company A of the First Arkansas Mounted Rifles. Despite lack of military training, Reynolds advanced through the ranks and was promoted to brigadier general.   Reynolds's left leg was amputated because of a wound received in the Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina, on March 19, 1865. After the war, he returned to Lake Village, reestablished his law practice, and received a presidential pardon from Andrew Johnson.

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St. Mary's Street, Lake Village, Arkansas
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