Hampson Archeological Museum State Park

Hampson Archeological Museum State Park exhibits a nationally renowned collection from the Nodena site, a 15-acre palisaded village that once thrived on a meander bend of the Mississippi River in what is today Mississippi County. The museum interprets the lifestyles of this farming-based civilization that lived there from A.D. 1400 to 1650. Artifacts and exhibits share the story of this early aboriginal population of farmers who cultivated crops and supplemented their food resources with hunting native game while developing its art, religion and political structure along with a thriving trading network. This remarkable collection owes its preservation to the late Dr. James K. Hampson and his family.The museum moved into a new building with redesigned exhibits in November 2018.  It is an official Interpretive Center for the Great River Road National Scenic Byway.

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33 Park Avenue, Wilson, Arkansas
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