Estevan Hall

Also known as the Hanks Homestead, Estevan Hall is probably the oldest structure in Phillips County. Since its construction in the 1820s, Estevan Hall has continually been owned and occupied by a member of the Hanks family, meaning that it has probably been held by one family longer than any other structural property in Arkansas. Though the exterior of Estevan Hall has been greatly altered, the exterior lines have retained their present appearance during most of the last century. Located on the Mississippi River, the 1870s alterations seem to have been strongly influenced by the New Orleans French style prevalent further south of the river. The history of the Hanks family, their Civil War experiences, and the history of Estevan Hall are told in an outdoor exhibit. Estevan Hall is now being restored in preparation for its new life as the Civil War Helena Visitor Center. Not currently open to the public.

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653 S. Biscoe Street, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas