Birdhouse Capital of Arkansas

This small Arkansas Delta town is working on becoming the Birdhouse Capital of America. It started with “Birdhouses for Elaine,” a project for youth, as well as adults, to make a difference in the town by building, painting, decorating and hanging birdhouses throughout the community. Currently the number of birdhouses outnumbers Elaine's population of 636 people. Some of the birdhouses are functional, actually providing a shelter for birds, while others are purely decorative. They include such whimsies as frogs, flamingos, dogs, covered wagons, motorcycles, beavers, outhouses, log cabins, moose, owls, and much more. You'll find the headquarters open several afternoons a week, but you can drive through town and spot the birdhouses any time and most anywhere!

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112 Main Street, Elaine, Arkansas
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