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Big Lake Wildlife Management Area

The 12,161-acre wildlife management area is adjacent to the Big Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Formed by the 1811 New Madrid earthquake, Big Lake is the only sizable public hunting area in extreme northeast Arkansas. The area contains a mixture of typical bottomland forest and provides critical wintering habitat for ducks and a variety of other non-game migratory birds. About 130 different bird species may be observed during their seasonal migration. The area also supports huntable populations of squirrels, rabbits and fur bearers, with limited deer and turkey. Camping is permitted, although conditions are primitive. This refuge basin is thought to have formed from the New Madrid earthquake of 1811-12 and is fed by the Little River. The refuge is an important area for migrating/wintering waterfowl and neotropical birds in the Lower Mississippi River Ecosystem. The lake is a popular fishing spot. For additional information and regulations, call 1-877-972-5438.

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Access from AR 181 and AR 18, Manila, Arkansas