Great River Road All-American Road

Our segment of the Great River Road All-American Road is part of a route that originates at Lake Itasca, Minnesota and extends to the Gulf of Mexico, along both sides of the Mississippi River. The route is marked by green Pilot's Wheel signs. The Arkansas route follows Delta lands shaped by the awesome power of the river, but the river rarely shows itself as it is hidden behind giant levees. Over time, the river's rich alluvial soil has been adapted into America's most productive farmland.

The mighty Mississippi River carries transportation, recreation, energy and industry through the heartland of America. Fascinating stops along the way recall great moments in history. From the days of Native Americans, de Soto, Marquette and Joliet, the Civil War, steamboats and Mark Twain, the Mississippi River has played a vital role in the development of the nation. Treat yourself and your family to an unforgettable view of the Eastern Arkansas segment of this great route.

Detailed Driving Directions

Arkansas-Missouri State Line to West Memphis (70 miles)

  • The byway starts at the Concrete Arch that spans U.S. Hwy 61 at the state line of Arkansas and Missouri.
  • Follow US 61 through Blytheville, Luxora, Osceola, and Wilson to its junction with I-55.
  • Turn southeast (right) onto AR 77.
  • Follow AR 77 through Marion to its intersection with US 70 in West Memphis.

First Spur (13 miles)

  • Drive east on U.S. Hwy 70/E Broadway to I-55.
  • Continue east on I-55 to the state line of Arkansas and Tennessee west of Memphis, TN.\Return to the junction of AR 77/N Missouri St and U.S. Hwy 70/E Broadway in West Memphis.

West Memphis to Elaine (104 miles)

  • Drive west on US 70/W Broadway to AR 147.
  • Turn south (left) on AR 147 to AR 38 near Horseshoe Lake.
  • Turn west (right) on AR 38 and follow it into Hughes.
  • In Hughes, turn southwest on US 79/Broadway St.
  • Continue on US 79 towards Marianna.
  • In Marianna, turn east (left) onto AR 1/W Chestnut St.
  • Turn south (right) onto S Poplar St., then east (left) on AR 44/Martin Luther King Dr.
  • Follow AR 44 to Bear Creek Lake, and turn south (right) onto CR 239.
  • Continue south on CR 221
  • Turn east (left) onto CR 217.
  • At Storm Creek Lake, turn south (left) on CR 215, then south (right) again onto CR Rd. 39.
  • Continue on CR 239, which becomes Sterling Road
  • Turn left onto the Mississippi River Levee Road, right onto Perry Street, then left on SH 44.
  • Continue south, merging briefly onto US 49 before turning south (right) onto AR 44.
  • Follow AR 44 into Elaine.

Elaine to Back Gate (71 miles)

  • In Elaine, turn west (right) onto AR 20/Main St
  • Continue on AR 20 to AR 318 and turn north (right).
  • Turn west (left) onto AR 316 and continue to AR 1.
  • Drive southwest on AR 1 through St. Charles, De Witt and Gillette.
  • Continue on AR 1/US165 to Black Gate.

East Loop to McGehee (43 miles)

  • From Back Gate, drive east on AR 1 to AR 4.
  • Drive east on AR 4 to US 278/US 65 in McGehee.

West Loop to McGehee (27 miles)

  • From Back Gate, drive southwest on US 165/AR 54 to US 165/US 65 in Dumas.
  • Follow US 165/US 65 south to its intersection with AR 4 in McGehee.

McGehee to Arkansas-Louisiana Border (45 miles)

  • Drive south on US 278/US 65 through Lake Village.
  • Turn south (right) onto US 65 and continue through Eudora to the Arkansas-Louisiana state border.

Second Spur (18 miles)

  • South of Lake Village, continue on US 278/US 82 instead of turning south onto US 65.
  • Continue on US 278/US 82 to the Arkansas-Mississippi state border.
  • Turn around and return to the junction of US 278/US 82 and US 65.